IBM PS/2 8560

The Personal System/2 Model 60 (IBM 8560) introduces advanced design and technology and a new MICRO CHANNEL(TM) ARCHITECTURE to enhance the price/performance of computing for business environments. The 10MHz 80286 microprocessor offers application growth capabilities and is designed to maintain compatibility with most current IBM personal computer programs. A high level of feature integration on the system board reduces optional adapter requirements. When configured with the new analog displays, the IBM 8560's new integrated Video Graphics Array (VGA) provides enhanced performance, increased display functions, and increased colour availability. The system includes a 1.44MB, 3.5-inch diskette drive and a 44MB fixed disk drive (8560-041) or 70MB fixed disk drive (8560-071).

  • Model 8560 Model 60
  • Intel 80286 @10 Mhz
  • 3.5 inch (1.44 MB) diskette drives
  • 44, 70 MB ESDI MCA Adapter Hard disk
  • 4 x 30 pins RAM;256 KB module
  • VGA (300x200)
  • Price US$7695


The Back of IBM PS/2 8560

The inside of IBM 8560