IBM Laptop
IBM Pc Convertible 5140

The IBM PC Convertible (model 5140) is a laptop computer made by IBM, first sold in April 1986. The Convertible was IBM's first laptop-style computer, following the luggable IBM Portable, and introduced the 3½-inch floppy disk format to the IBM product line. Like modern laptops, it featured power management and the ability to run from batteries.

  • Model 5140
  • Intel 8088 @4.77 Mhz
  • Dual 3.5 inch (720 KB) diskette drives
  • RAM; 256 KB
  • Monochrome CGA compatible LCD
  • Peripherals: Thermal printer, serial, parallel port, CRT display adaptor
  • Price US$2000


IBM 5140 Convertible with printer, parallel port and CRTdisplay addon