IBM Portable Computer

IBM Model 5110
UNIT SOLD From 9k to 20k

The IBM 5110 Computing System is the successor of the IBM 5100 Portable Computer.

The IBM 5110 was announced in January 1978 (a little over 2 years after the introduction of the IBM 5100). Its main differences were support for more I/O devices (floppy disk drives, IEEE-488, RS232) and a character set (EBCDIC) which was compatible with other IBM machines. These improvements made it partially incompatible with the IBM 5100.

  • Model 5110
  • IBM Palm Processor
  • External double Floppy 8-inch
  • 16-64KB RAM
  • CRT 5-inch

The inside of the 5110

The Front / side of the 5110



The IBM 5114 8-inch Floppy Drive