IBM Portable Computer

IBM Model 5100
UNIT SOLD From 9k to 20k

The IBM 5100 Portable Computer is a portable computer (one of the first)  introduced in September 1975, six years before the IBM Personal Computer, and eight before the first successful IBM compatible portable computer, the Compaq Portable. It was the evolution of a prototype called the SCAMP (Special Computer APL Machine Portable) that was developed at the IBM Palo Alto Scientific Center in 1973. Whether considered evolutionary from SCAMP or revolutionary, it still needed to be plugged into an electric socket.

  • Model 5100
  • IBM Palm Processor 1.9Ghz
  • 2 x floppies, 360K
  • 16-64KB RAM
  • CRT 5-inch
  • Tape Drive

The inside of the 5100

The back / side of the 5100

The Apl Book and Tape