In October 1988, the Compaq SLT/286 debuted. The first computer to use VGA (640-by-480-resolution) graphics, it revolutionized portable displays. The SLT/286 weighed 14 pounds and had a 20MB hard drive, a 12MHz 80C286 processor, a new low-power chip that is among the faster 80286 microprocessors, and it is certainly capable of handling most applications. And it has a detachable keyboard, another first among laptops. Operating system supplied at the time was MS/DOS 2.11.

  • Compaq SLT 286
  • CPU; i80286@12 Mhz
  • Ram; 640 KB 2 MB
  • 1.44 MB 3.5-inch disk drive
  • 20 MB Hard drive
  • Gray Scale VGA LCD
  • Price: US$5399




COMPAQ SLT detachable keyboard